We have no compass

One of the biggest challenges of our time is to live sustainably on this planet.

Numerous Governments have been working on setting sustainable goals for over 20 years and although co-operative progress has been made with the Paris Agreement, a clear solution that people understand is still unknown.

Meanwhile, YouGov research reveals climate change is considered the third most serious issue we're facing in the world.

The industrial sector is dominated by commercial constraints whose purpose is to serve the demands of society. As such, current market forces are driven mainly to the exclusion of environmental impact.

It's almost impossible to know the true environmental cost of a product or service. It may be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified or produced with renewable energy, but where's the useful information that empowers consumers to make an informed choice?

In short, very few of us know - when we make a purchase - what our environmental footprint is.

The myEcoCost system and its unit of measure allows the delivery of an ecoCost (environmental impact certificate) of a product or service to consumers. Using the lifecycle inventory as the basis, the ecocost is calculated at each stage in the supply chain passing the ecocost through each business in the chain until it reaches the consumer. The consumer can then choose which product or service to purchase based not only on the financial cost but also the ecocost.


The government cannot solve the threat of global warming, but you can.